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Theater Arts for the People

Theatre, acting, music and dance are the many elements that make up the structure of a modern-day drama. Each of these elements has its own purpose in the grand scheme of things. All have an important place in the telling of stories. But where does the line between entertainment and other purposes enter? What is the purpose of theater arts?

What is the purpose of theater arts

The goal of any form of art is to beautify the experience, while educating, as well. But many forms have an educational purpose as well. Theatre, for instance, often serves as an introduction to a theatrical language, such as those taught in kindergarten. Most people who attend theatrical presentations do so with the hope of learning something. Of course, that goal has been around much longer than kindergarten.

Other common goals include communicating with others and learning more about ourselves. All of these are possible through theater. Some of these purposes may seem self-explanatory. For example, what is the purpose of theater arts for romance novels? People are interested in learning how to tell a story, especially a love story. They also would like to see other people involved in the process, whether it’s through a plot or dialogue.

It would seem that the answer to “what is the purpose of theater arts?” is clear: to entertain. It is difficult, of course, to argue against this premise. Most people understand the basics of dramatic acting and the various styles and formats of theatrical entertainment. Many of them know someone who has performed at a specific event or knows someone who can tell the story of a favorite play.

When you ask “what is the purpose of theater arts?” then the real question becomes “how do you use this knowledge to enhance your life?” Obviously, not every person studying this art is interested in using it to entertain. Many students learn the skills needed to become successful authors or filmmakers, while others use it as a way of furthering their education or developing a career. Still others use theater as a way of relieving stress after a hard day’s work.

If someone is thinking about studying theater arts because they have an interest in the art, then this question will be less important. If however, the student is thinking about making a living as an actor or actress then the question becomes more relevant. After all, what is the purpose of the study of theater if not to make a living? As with any other career, one must work hard in order to succeed. If you are not willing to do this then the art of acting will only be a waste of time and money.

The purpose of studying theater arts is also important because the skills learned in this curriculum will help prepare an individual for his or her future profession. For example, those wishing to be teachers will need to know how to write scripts for children. Actors will need to know how to properly act out scenes that are being filmed. A director would need to know how to properly direct a play. A writer would need to know how to properly structure a novel or piece of literature.

There are many reasons why someone might wish to study this subject. Those who are hoping to become professional actors or actresses can use the skills they have learned in college to achieve their goals. However, for the artist, what is the purpose of theater arts? While studying this subject may not earn a borrower a spot on the principal cast of a particular production, it may earn him or her a spot on the stage, which is exactly where the greatest rewards of learning this trade lie. In fact, most people who only get a chance to experience this medium only do so because of their love of theater and the desire to one day make a living from it.


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