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A Theatre Arts Corporation, or TASC as it is known in the industry, is an organization dedicated to supporting theater artists and the artistic community. They are nonprofit and are not for profit. However, they do take a percentage of your ticket sales from the artists or their troupe. The reason they charge a fee or a percentage is because they use their profits to help defray expenses like equipment, marketing and travel.

theater arts corporation

Theatre is one of the few art forms that have a long history in the U.S. In fact, Broadway itself was once a hub of American theatrical activity. Since then there have been other theaters opened around the country, but Broadway is still the largest. So what makes a successful theater? Well the answer is simple: quality product and a good group of artistic entrepreneurs.

If you want to own a theater company, there are some things you will need. For example, you will need a space to house your actors and crew. This can be a classroom or a sound stage depending on your particular choice. You will also need a location where you can show your work. This could be your local city, the state or a wide area depending on the size of your business.

You will need to book the property, pay the mortgage and obtain the proper permits. There is also liability insurance to protect your company. You will want to check into liability insurance. This will protect you against claims of accidents by your employees during events. Professionalism is important too.

Once you have your company up and running you will be responsible for marketing your shows. Advertising is the key to success. You must get the word out about your theater events through a variety of media including theatrical productions, press releases, websites, email campaigns and word of mouth. If you are using social media to promote your theater events, such as Facebook and Twitter, you will need to make sure your social media profiles are appropriate. Some companies choose to use professional advertising agencies to handle their online advertising campaigns.

Your company will have a mandate for its artistic directors and actors. These individuals will put their artistic talent to the test performing and directing various shows in your venue. The director’s job is to produce a high quality production that is both entertaining and safe for your patrons. The actors will be required to do their best while they are on-stage.

Once your company is up and running you can then focus on the promotion of your talent. The most effective way to promote your company is to showcase your talent at various competitions. You can find out what these competitions are by reading the announcements in your local newspaper. Or you can check them out online at Performers Anonymous, Broadway Buddies or other industry blogs.

Promoting your company will take time and effort. But if you use your imagination you can think of many ways to market your theater arts company. Check into the following ideas: holding a contest, featuring your actors in a community theater event, sending press releases to local newspapers and radio stations, sponsoring contests and competitions, and much more! Marketing your company will help your business thrive. Make it a priority and reap the rewards.

The first step is choosing the venue for your events. Is your space available? Can you afford it? If your space is limited but you want to host an exciting event then you should look into renting a venue. This will allow you to host your event anywhere that you have a space and at a reasonable price.

The next step is selecting a talent that you believe has potential to succeed in your business. Will this performer to be an original or will you hire an original to open your company? You will also need to find an actor who is suited for your company and can perform their best so that they will bring in profits. The best way to select your talent is to see what other theater artists are doing in order to get some ideas. Attend a performance and see how the audience acts and how the actors portray their characters.

The final step is finding the talent to represent your company. It may take some time but you should try to get as many different talents as possible. Once you’ve found the right talent then you will be able to choose the best one. The key to the success of your talent is the number of tickets sold and the amount of feedback received from the audience. If your talent is getting plenty of attention then you will most likely have a successful theater arts corporation.


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