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A Theatre Arts Corporation is an organization that develops, conducts, nurtures and maintains talent in local actors, dancers and other artistic mediums.

All are invited to take part in the programs. There is a wide range of talent from local talents to national talent to performers from all over the world. The TASC offers various theater art programs for all ages with an emphasis on talent from historically black communities, artists of color, Native American artists and youth/youth.

“Theatre is a sacred space for actors. You are responsible; you are in the driving-seat.” – Greta Scacchi

What makes us unique is the depth of our experience in the performing arts industry. Our present TASC community is made up of people with various talents from many backgrounds coming together in a common commitment to develop these talents.

Equity members, professional actors and actresses of color and from various professional disciplines attend. Professional trainers are available to help those who want to take acting classes. If you have been practicing for years, take a class or take a workshop. If you have not had an acting experience but want to take part in the theater scene, we can teach you how to do it. All ages from the newest beginner to the oldest veteran are welcome at TASC. This is an all-inclusive community for individuals, families and professionals of all ages.

Classes are conducted by professional coaches and teachers, as well as current actors/dancers and the general public. The goal of the training is to provide the training necessary for an actor to fully realize his or her full potential. Classes are taught by certified instructors who have a wealth of theater arts experience. They use practical application of the theory taught in the acting school to help students understand the craft. The skills learned in a TASC acting class will prepare you to take on any role in community theater, Broadway plays, movies, TV, video games and more.